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Search Engine Ranking Guage

Are you serious about your search engine keyword results but don't have an automated way to view them?
Read on. SERG may be the solution.


Have you hired an expensive SEO company but have no way to independently track their progress?
Read on. SERG may be the solution.


Are you experimenting with different search engine optimization techiques but need a tool to guage your success or failures?
Read on. SERG may be the solution.


What is SERG

SERG (the Search Engine Ranking Guage) is a tool / program that allows you to keep track of your keyword ranking(s) on a daily basis for:

SERG graph


Once the software has been installed on your system, you will be able to add your keyword list one at a time to the administrative interface.
Every day, SERG will go out and find the ranking of your website for each keyword set and record the position of that ranking up to position 1000 on each of the four major search engines.
The data will be stored in your database for review and recovery anytime you desire.
The reporting interface allows you to view your reporting data on a daily basis to see if a particular SEO strategy is effectively working for you.
Data can be viewed in data point or graph format.
Data can be viewed in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly averages.


How SERG Works

SERG works in the exact way that a human does when trying to find keyword rankings. SERG enters the keyword set into the search engine and then looks for any of the domain name pages on the page. If they are not on that page then SERG goes to the next page until it finds a page. SERG then records that ranking result in the data base for later review. SERG works behind the scenes allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

SERG runs on your webserver in the background of your website.

The Competition

Using our unique software solution, you are able to overcome the limits of the other Search Engine Ranking tools on the market. The competition's ranking tools will give results only up to 100. SERG gives results up to 1000.

SERG Example

See SERG in action by clicking the Example link. Some of the features have been disabled in the sample script.
Click the example link below and a pop-up window will open to show you the SERG interface. Each row is a keyword set and the action icons are to the right. The small graph icon allows you to view the ranking results for that keyword set.

On the keyword reporting page the default setting is a daily graph with results. Different reporting details can be manipulated using the drop down boxes near the top of the page. You can control the Search Engine, Report Type, Reporting Year and Reporting Duration.

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Password: geek

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