geotab software integration and development

geotab software integration and development
geotab software integration and development

What is Geotab?
Geotab - A Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Platform. With the use of a small electronic device, businesses can better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and real-time trips data. The Geotab device is very simple to use and does not require a professional to install. You simply plug the Geotab device directly into the OBDII port of your vehicle, no special tools or equipment necessary. For those vehicles or trucks without an OBDII port - no problem - an adapter can be used instead.

Not only does Geotab collect real time data from your vehicle, but it also collects; GPS, Engine Health, Accident Data and G-Force data as well.

As your Geotab software integration partner, The Computer Geek will empower your business by providing full featured solutions and accurate and measurable data for your managers. Monitor driver safety and performance, as well as maintaining fleet budget concerns at a time of rising fuel costs.

Our integration and design experts are committed to tailoring solutions specific to your business needs. Our programmers will design options that are easy to use with a minimal learning curve, relevant, and allows for instant decision making.

With our extensive knowledge of the Geotab API and the software development kit (Geotab SDK), our integration experts will provide you with:

  • Integration with your current system that is a two way system
  • Reporting that is enhanced
  • Customized dashboards that show real time
  • and much more

As Geotab Integration Experts, The Computer Geek can help you to successfully integrate your current systems with the Geotab SDK.

In order to successfully integrate your current systems with the Geotab SDK, you need a partner with a proven track record of engineering excellence.

Contact The Computer Geeks to talk about your project. After gathering your requirements, we will prepare an estimate free of charge.

Whatever your Geotab SDK needs are, they will be met with efficient, quality, and friendly service!

Customer Reviews:

Published: January 25, 2019
"Rich responded to my chat inquiry and answered my phone call immediately and had the move completed by the time i got back from lunch. Hands down the best experience I've had with a service provider and I won't bother looking anywhere else when my c...[Read More]
Darrin Wenstrand


Published: September 23, 2018
The Computer Geek team got my website up and running again within just a few hours. I was dead in the water and on a time constraint. Not knowing where to turn, I luckily found this great team and they solved my problem! Thank you guys!...[Read More]
Robert Alvarado


Published: September 21, 2018
I had an issue with my website's php code (whatever that is) ??. I also needed to update my php without crashing it. I had no idea who to turn to and feared an expensive price. Somehow, I found the computer-geek. It was fixed and updated in no time w...[Read More]
Pat Studstill


Published: September 1, 2018
Great service, received a response within minutes. Problem solved next day! Prices are reasonable. Very happy! Thank you Rich....[Read More]
Shady Azer


Published: August 7, 2018
The computer geeks are gifted editors who strives to add excellence into all the work they do. They have worked with me on a pitch project for my comic book and I re-hired them to work with me on a feature film, CRY. The film genre was found footage ...[Read More]
Octavius Ra


Published: July 28, 2018
Rich, you're the best! You kept this about the project, not the $$$. Your price was extremely fair. My site was down-for-the-count; and you got it back up within one hour of my initial call. I hope I don't come off racist, but it was great to hear so...[Read More]
George Busateri


Published: July 21, 2018
We have an e-commerce website that was hijacked for ransomware and we had nowhere to go, I got a recommendation from an acquaintance to check out computer-geek and we are so glad we did. I contacted Rich on a Saturday and got a response within minute...[Read More]
Richard James


Published: July 1, 2018
"Thank you for your awesome & fast service at an awesome price. I will definitely be using your services again in the future if needed. A++"...[Read More]
Eric Villeneuve


Published: January 24, 2018
Over the past 1 1/2 years I have been extremely pleased with your business operations. When I need something done on my website, the management team delivers promptly ALL THE TIME! Rich and Justin never miss a beat and the keep my "beat" pounding wh...[Read More]
William Velmer


Published: January 17, 2018
Several years back I was informed by a client that they couldn't access my website. After countless days I was able to get a call back from my hosting and web page design company. The company got it back up but the content of the site was messed up. ...[Read More]
Captain Dave Edwards


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geotab software integration and development | Computer Geek
Geotab developers and integration specialists. With the Computer Geek as your software integration partner of choice.
geotab software integration and development | Computer Geek
Date Published: 10/09/2016
Geotab developers and integration specialists. With the Computer Geek as your software integration partner of choice.
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