website security warning

website security warning
website security warning

Does your website issue an annoying security warning pop-up when a user goes to a secure, https or checkout page? The pop-up warning states the following:

"This webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection, which could compromise the security of the entire webpage"

This annoying pop-up has been issued by your browser to let you know that there is something on your web page that is not secure. This warning will continue to pop-up until you have secured this page. This type of error will definitely make your web site visitors nervous and make them question your site security. If your web site visitors do not have confidence in the security of your web site, you may not only scare off potential customers, but lose some of your current customers.

Unfortunately, this warning pop-up is very common and is something we deal with frequently at the Computer Geek. Our highly skilled technicians at the Computer Geek have the experience to fix this problem for you immediately so you web site visitors will not question the security of your website.

Please call us for a FREE quote.

Customer Reviews:

Published: January 24, 2018
Over the past 1 1/2 years I have been extremely pleased with your business operations. When I need something done on my website, the management team delivers promptly ALL THE TIME! Rich and Justin never miss a beat and the keep my "beat" pounding wh...[Read More]
William Velmer


Published: January 17, 2018
Several years back I was informed by a client that they couldn't access my website. After countless days I was able to get a call back from my hosting and web page design company. The company got it back up but the content of the site was messed up. ...[Read More]
Captain Dave Edwards


Published: September 7, 2017
Rich Agnew and his crew at Computer Geek are great to work with. We switched hosting companies a couple of weeks ago and contacted Rich about transferring all our files to the new hosting company. The transfer was successful and smooth. I thought i...[Read More]
Chad Pugh


Published: August 19, 2017
I had a band website that relied on an old media player that eventually became obsolete when support for it was dropped. I had designed it myself, and in doing so I had a very specific way I wanted our music page to look and work, and in searching ar...[Read More]
Donald Jefferes


Published: June 19, 2017
"The professionalism and expertise which I experienced from Rich Agnew at The Computer Geek is streets ahead of any other service provider. When we were hit with a virus we were at our wits end but within minutes they had sorted us out. We were ama...[Read More]
Toni Gomes


Published: June 13, 2017
"Excellent service, very professional to work with. My company's website had become infected with malware. The website is used to direct sales, but equally as import it is used as the portal for the support ticketing system. The site needed to be ...[Read More]
Jake Baker


Published: April 18, 2017
Geeks make it look easy. After hiring the Computer Geeks for a lot of minor site work, I decided to follow Rich's advice and start from scratch. Rich & Co. designed and built a new site for my business, quickly and efficiently, with sleek, profession...[Read More]
Alan Perlman


Published: April 17, 2017
Your alacrity and client service have been evident from the moment you popped up in a chat screen during my visit to your website. I also deeply appreciate your competence and kindness. Your services are a valuable asset to us and I am grateful for y...[Read More]
Judy Tashbook Safern


Published: March 16, 2017
Rich and his team at Computer Geek are awesome! They fixed my virus infected website extremely fast (just a day!) and everything turned out great. I will definitely use them again the next time I'm in need of tech help. Thanks guys!...[Read More]
Kate Marcin


Published: January 14, 2017
Searching for a competent English-speaking webmaster can be a daunting task, especially if searching the Internet without a personal recommendation from a friend. I discovered Computer Geek's website, liked what I read, and contacted Rich. He promptl...[Read More]
Rand Winburn


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website security warning | Computer Geek 5 out of 5 based on 103 user ratings.
website security warning | Computer Geek
website security warning - We can fix that annoying security warning popup on your website.
website security warning | Computer Geek
Date Published: 10/09/2016
website security warning - We can fix that annoying security warning popup on your website.
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