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To assist you in getting the most from your search for answers The Computer Geek has prepared a growing list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answers you are looking for please don't hesitate to Contact us. We look forward to your questions and are constantly working to make your investment in our services a positive one.

Where Do I Begin? - Call us at 905-426-1784 to speak to a Computer Geek Consultant or Email Us at Contact us.

How Long Will It Take To Build My Site? - While every site differs in scope, we complete most projects within 30 days. We often complete our projects much quicker than that. As quick as five - six days for a simple site.

Will You Do Work On My Existing Website? - Upgrading or changing your existing site is one of our Specialties. We usually work for a set fee or an hourly rate. All of our quotes are firm and we stick by them.

What Are The Payment Terms? - 50% is due at the start of the project and 50% is due upon completion.

Can I Make Future Upgrades To My Site? - Yes. Incremental upgrades or redesigns can be performed. After the initial design all changes are based on an hourly rate.

Why should I register a domain name? - Yes, a domain name is required. This is the address that people will find your website. Many organizations find it useful to have an e-mail address or URL ( that is similar to their company name. A domain name allows you to receive e-mail at a customized e-mail address. If your organization's name is Example, Inc., you could register the domain name EXAMPLE.COM and your e-mail address could be Your customers would also be able to access your organization's WWW site by visiting "" with their Web browser and sending e-mail to

How much does a domain name cost? - We usually include the cost of the domain name in with the site as a FREE bonus for dealing with the Computer Geek.

How can I determine whether the domain name I want is available? - As a Free Service to our prospective customers The Computer Geek provides easy access to the InterNic database to conduct a domain name search for you. In addition to searching the InterNic's Whois database, The Computer Geek can assist you in selecting an effective name for your professional or personal needs.

What is a virtual host and do I need one? - To have a full-time Internet presence, your organization needs to have specially configured computers that are connected to the Internet full-time. The associated costs can be quite costly, depending on your connection speed, software and hardware configuration, along with maintenance requirements. A virtual hosting service relieves your organization from the burden of having dedicated hardware/software and human resources devoted to this. At the same time, virtual hosting services will give your organization a realistic and full-fledged Internet store-front to the rest of the Internet. Since your electronic store-front actually resides on a hosts computers, not yours, it's virtual. This is where the name "virtual host" comes from.

Specifically, a virtual hosting service provide the following:

  1. www.your - a virtual Web server for your company
  2. ftp.your - a virtual anonymous ftp server for your company. This allows you or your web designer to upload or download information to your web site.
  3. E-mail forwarding - you can have your e-mail address as anything@your forwarded to your real e-mail address(es).

The above three comprise a true Internet presence package.

Depending on your hosting company's e-mail forwarding setup, you can have arbitrary e-mail aliases. A few examples: support@your, sales@your, info@your, Webmaster@your, personnel@your They are all forwarded to your real e-mail address(es) transparently.

The Computer Geek has a dedicated server that is:

  1. Best price/feature ratio you could possibly find on Internet.
  2. Fast redundant OC3 direct lines link to Internet Backbone.
  3. 7x24 Technical support with 99.9% network uptime.
  4. Complete web-based control center to get full control of your website.
  5. Support most features you need to build your website like CGI/PERL/PHP/SSI/SSL/MYSQL.

What should a professional web site include? - A professionally designed web site will include several common characteristics. As professional web designers it is our job to ensure that these characteristics are included in your web site. As a matter of reference we have included partial list of these points for your consideration.

File Size & Content Distribution
With a wide range of browsers, computer types, and modem speeds it is important to have your web pages load quickly and correctly. Failure to do so will result in a loss of potential visitors and in many cases cause their browser to crash. Eliminating this problem is a matter of professional design and programming. As a consideration keep in mind that your web pages should not be overdone with graphics, advanced design features, or content. The Computer Geek can assist you in establishing the perfect medium.

Clarity & Focus
Statistics for Internet users show that the average person spends only 7 seconds on each page. Designing a successful web site should always begin with complete focus and clarity of your message. Before submitting content or drafts to your designer we recommend that you consider the content of your message completely. The Computer Geek can then assist you in developing a web site that will effectively engage visitors with the content and message provided by your web site.

Quality of Content
Consider the follow questions when developing the content for your web site. Does your site contain useful information? Can a potential customer who is new to your business understand what you are selling? What purchasing decision do you want them to make at your web site? Are you giving them information to make that decision? And finally, is your site compelling? A site without solid content or engaging exploration will likely produce little results. If you have any questions regarding the content of your proposed, or existing web site, The Computer Geek can help.

Quality of Graphics & Color
For your web site to effectively stand out in today's market it is important that the use of colors and graphics are compelling and well structured. While the job of producing professional graphics should be left to your designer it is helpful to consider the following questions when compiling your materials or suggestions for your web site.

  1. Does the content of your images or suggestions support your message?
  2. Is there an effective color scheme or do your images clash with one another?
  3. Do the graphic elements enhance your web site through navigation or meaning, or do they cloud your message with distract?

Consistency will give your web site a professional look and allow visitors to comprehend and effectively navigate your pages content. The Computer Geek place a great deal of importance in designing our customers web sites with a compelling yet consistent look. The result will be a professional web site that allows visitors to quickly navigate your web site to find relevant information. You can assist your designer by selecting materials that support your basic image or message.

Personality or Appeal
A successful web site will always reflect the personality or selected marketing image of its owner. As a result of the Internet's level playing field a professionally designed web site that demonstrates a good use of charisma can compete with even your industry's leading companies. You may have more to say than your competition, but without charisma your web site may never reflect it.

Customer Reviews:

Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
I've built and managed my websites for several yea
I've built and managed my websites for several years but recently reached a point where my website was running so slowly that I had no idea where to turn. I discovered the Computer Geek website and took a chance of trusting the other great reviews there. I met Rich through the chat service on the site and he was very responsive. Within an hour of him having access to my site, he was working on the problem. He improved my site speed and identified the next steps I would need to improve the speed substantially. I highly recommend this service! Quick response, knowledgeable, reasonable rates, and available on an as-needed basis (no contract). I now have a "computer guy"! Thanks, Rich!
Shirley Alarie
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
Very fast, professional service with excellent com
Very fast, professional service with excellent communication throughout. Service exceeded my expectation, and the end result was just what I needed.
Oliver Harris
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
My large Drupal 8 site was down for 5 days. I cont
My large Drupal 8 site was down for 5 days. I contacted Rich on a Friday evening at 2200 hrs CET, provided the access codes and less than 30 minutes later it was fixed. I have been online since 2003 and I have never seen work like this, Rich is a true Pro and I will definitely recommend Computer Geeks to all friends and colleagues. Many thanks, Jeremy - UK
Jeremy Insole
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
We were in a pinch and needed a new website built
We were in a pinch and needed a new website built fast. We stumbled upon The Computer Geek and reached out to them for a consultation. After the first call we felt it was a no brainier to go with them to build our site. The professionalism was second to none. Rich and his team built our new site with lightning speed and provided exceptional communication. We love the new website! Thank you for your professionalism, amazing communication, and always going above and beyond for us. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
heck.. I sell car parts.. make special car parts v
heck.. I sell car parts.. make special car parts very, very well...... BUT.. I'm pretty bad when it comes to being a computer guy.. I just don't know.. don't have the time.... and till now our oscommerce sites were increasingly not really being maintained.. I NEEDED HELP.. BUT . WHO DO YOU TRUST..?? Somehow I found Rich.. MY ADVICE is don't look around.. get onto Rich.. be polite.. his bills are ok.. and his service excellent. 5 star.
Dave Clee
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
I do not often write reviews however I felt I shou
I do not often write reviews however I felt I should with Computer Geek. I have a fair knowledge of servers and php code that I have built up since 2003. I had spent some days trying to get a new bit of stock control software to work. Having narrowed down what was causing the problem and with a few alterations managed to bring the entire site down. I am laughing about it now but 20 minutes ago I was almost sick. Having spent an hour trying to fix it or undo the damage with no success, I contacted Richard and within 2 minutes the site was up and running and within 10 minutes the bit of software I had been trying to get to work now works. Thank you again Richard
James ORourke
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
Due to the positive experience we had with Mr. Ric
Due to the positive experience we had with Mr. Rich Agnew project manager, I am writing this unsolicited strong recommendation on behalf of Mr. Rich Agnew who is a project manager at The Computer Geek Company. It is a genuine pleasure to write this unsolicited letter for Mr. Rich Agnew, who is an exceptional and talented person who has repeatedly helped us with our website that stop working with Go Daddy. Before meeting and talking to Rich Agnew, we had a horrible experience with trying to find assistance in repairing our website. No one would help, they wanted to rebuild the entire website for thousands of dollars, their estimate of costs was so unreasonable we were just going to shut down the website, we felt we could not trust anyone because of what seemed to us was smoke and mirrors, and a lack of follow-up on calling us back. Despite not knowing Mr. Rich Agnew for only a brief time, I can firmly say in all the 40 years of my practice, Rich has been consistently trustworthy with his judgment and exceptionally speedy with the completion of the project. I feel I can apply a reliable yardstick in assessing Rich, especially since I was a Professor in the Doctoral Program at Nova University School of Professional Psychology for over 12 years. I have published over 40 scientific articles, written a book, have been in practice for over 40 years as a licensed psychologist in the state Florida, I have been a member of over 15 insurance networks in which I specialize in the treatment of children, adults, seniors and cancer patients. Finally, at the age of 69 you can imagine how many issues I have dealt with in my life and homes. Rich is the first project manager I have ever written an unsolicited letter of recommendation. In our transactions with Rich Agnew, he has always impressed us with his expertise, competence, and his handling difficult problems. He provided all the options, recommended the best option, and carried through the project better than we expected; this is extremely rare in our society. He is mature, handled all the computer and website problems, he is dedication and has excellent corporate skills; he is caring and has an exceptional high ethical standard. I may regret ever saying all this because then he will be moved. I highly recommend Rich Agnew without any reservations. Furthermore, I know we will be contacting him yet again because of his superb excellence and honesty.
Grant A. Killian, Ph.D.
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
"Rich responded to my chat inquiry and answered my
"Rich responded to my chat inquiry and answered my phone call immediately and had the move completed by the time i got back from lunch. Hands down the best experience I've had with a service provider and I won't bother looking anywhere else when my company needs this kind of help in the future."
Darrin Wenstrand
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
The Computer Geek team got my website up and runni
The Computer Geek team got my website up and running again within just a few hours. I was dead in the water and on a time constraint. Not knowing where to turn, I luckily found this great team and they solved my problem! Thank you guys!
Robert Alvarado
Computer Geek Custom Website Development and Design Company">
I had an issue with my website's php code (whateve
I had an issue with my website's php code (whatever that is) ??. I also needed to update my php without crashing it. I had no idea who to turn to and feared an expensive price. Somehow, I found the computer-geek. It was fixed and updated in no time without draining my wallet. I am very pleased with the service and will certainly be recommending these guys and using them again for sure!
Pat Studstill
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