website virus buster

website virus buster
website virus buster

Does your website have a Malicious Virus?
Read on. The website virus buster will help you.

Your host company can't or won't help you remove the viruses?
Read on. The website virus buster will help you.

Your current webmaster can't or won't help you remove the viruses?
Read on. The website virus buster will help you.

Has Google taagged your site as possibly dangerous?
Read on. The website virus buster will help you.

We specialize in Wordpress and osCommerce.
We have solutions to recent Hacker Website Attacks.

Websites infected with malware (malicious software) is a growing problem that does not look like it is going away anytime soon. Websites are constantly under attack from a variety of threats which include Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Spyware and spam. Websites infected with malicious code are in danger of losing data and having their entire systems damaged. Malicious code can infect computers that are trying to access your website while simultaneously blocking them from accessing your website. An infected website will be red flagged by the web browsers as unsafe for visitors and access to the website will be blocked. Before you know it, visitor traffic to your website will be at a standstill and your website's reputation will be seriously damaged.

Hackers have become more and more cunning in hiding viruses in a variety of places and making it very difficult to uncover. These viruses can be created to do almost anything - they can steal personal and business information or they can simply slow down your website to the point where it is non-functioning. The highly experienced and skilled team at The Computer Geek has been in business for over 11 years and has yet to come across a website problem we can't fix! Our friendly team will work with you to determine how your website was hacked, clean your files by removing any malicious code and take steps - and provide on-going support - to ensure your website does not get re-infected.

All that is necessary for the removal process is a basic internet connection where we can check and clean your website files through FTP, SSH, or Remote Desktop. Removing a virus can be very simple or take a few hours depending on the type of virus and how well it was hidden. After a review request has been sent into the major web browsers, it will take approximately 24hours for your website to be removed from the blacklist and unblocked.

If you have a virus or you think you may have a virus, call us for our fast and experienced virus removal service and we'll help you get back online pronto!.

Contact the website virus buster and we will do our best to fix your website today.

Customer Reviews:

Published: March 16, 2017
Rich and his team at Computer Geek are awesome! They fixed my virus infected website extremely fast (just a day!) and everything turned out great. I will definitely use them again the next time I'm in need of tech help. Thanks guys!...[Read More]
Kate Marcin


Published: June 25, 2016
"I was notified by my web hosting service that they had deactivated my website due to the presence of malware. I contacted Rich, described my issue (via online chat.. Made it very easy), and within the first 30 minutes, I received a quote, and within...[Read More]
Kevin Costello


Published: June 13, 2016
Rich saved my life!!! I was hacked and Rich saved me. It was a terrible experience, as is always the case when you deal with some pointless, yet malevolent malware created by some greasy faced kid living in his grandmothers basement. My host i...[Read More]
Adam Sommer


Published: April 19, 2016
On Saturday I discovered one of my 6 websites had been hacked and links were leading to porn sites. I was devastated. I found online, and filled in a form. This was a weekend, and almost immediately Evan contacted me. His knowledge ...[Read More]
Diana Walker


Published: July 29, 2014
"I can't express how mortified I was to discover that my website had been hacked by the Libyan Electronic Army and virtually shut down...My web guy could not keep out invaders, so I had to take matters into my own hands--and thankfully (after a rando...[Read More]
Sandra Clifton


Published: June 11, 2014
"I have been relying on the Computer Geek and the Website Guardian for well over a year. I then realized I never even took the time to write a testimonial knowing that they are so important to my own business. Rich and the Website Guardian are top n...[Read More]
Jerry D. Cady


Published: May 4, 2014
"We are extremely happy with the service and advice from The Computer Geek. As a business owner, your website is one of the most valuable tools you have to reach your customers, new and old. The last thing you want is any sort of issue or problem. Wh...[Read More]
Robert Leeper


Published: March 13, 2014
My entire business revolves around my website - and without it I could not exist. Rich built the first page 9 years ago and has been instrumental in my business success. He thinks about my business goals, explains options in terms I can understand an...[Read More]
Donna Hoffman


Published: September 20, 2013
Dear Computer Geek- Thank you so much for your amazing professional team! I contacted Rich Agnew with a problem on my husband's website. He was very kind (especially since I am not computer tech savvy!) He was very helpful at breaking down the ...[Read More]
Stephanie Favaloro-Elliot


Published: June 16, 2013
"On more than one occasion the folks at the Computer Geek have helped me with web set-up, configuration of e-commerce, and the myriad technical issues that sometimes pop up when conducting business in cyberspace. Rich and the crew have always been ch...[Read More]
Paul McGehee


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website virus buster | Computer Geek
website virus buster - Does your website have a Malicious Virus?
website virus buster | Computer Geek
Date Published: 10/09/2016
website virus buster - Does your website have a Malicious Virus?
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